Perspectives from ISB

Greetings, and trust all of you are doing very well!

It is that time of year when we get started on the application process for admission to the PGP Class of 2015. This is one of the most exciting periods of the academic year for us, as we look forward to meeting and interacting with several extraordinary and accomplished individuals, many of whom will eventually come and live on our campuses a year from now!

The last year was a very interesting one for us. We had admitted to the PGP our largest class ever and they did a great job in ensuring the success of the two-campus model – collaborating across locations, learning from each other and establishing a single identity for the class. The placements have also been very encouraging, with the unified placement model making the process of finding a suitable career fully campus-agnostic.

With the additional capacity offered by our two campuses, we are now able to cater to the increased demand from industry, government and society for managerial talent. This year, we are happy to have welcomed 773 exceptional candidates to the current PGP Class of 2014. The students, who entered our campuses on April 13, have also very quickly found their rhythm and are fully immersed in the programme.

As they get on with their course, the Admissions team is all set to start receiving applications for the next academic year. I thought it would be helpful for applicants to hear regularly from me on matters related to the PGP, the learning environment, life at ISB and, of course, the application process itself. So going forward, I will be presenting one new blog post every week, and will write on various topics – things we look for in a prospective student, the essay topics chosen for this year, learning avenues available to you at ISB, career advancement opportunities, etc. I will also deep dive into some of the more often asked-about topics such as applied learning opportunities, role of faculty and their research in your B-school experience, financing your education, leveraging the alumni network, etc. Of course, if there are any specific topics that you would like us to cover, please do reach out to us at

So I look forward to interacting with you all over the next few months, on this virtual platform as well as at Admissions Information Sessions that will be held in various cities across India, and internationally too. Next week, I will write about what’s new in this year’s admissions process. So do subscribe to the RSS feed or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

All the best!