Perspectives from ISB

New York Times carried an article on worker safety in Bangladesh and beyond. Every time there is a failure in safety or quality control the world looks surprised. Unfortunately, these violations reflect the safety and quality standards regulations within each host country. No amount of pressure from outside the country can replace the laws of the land. For example, along Kondapur road near the high rise buildings of the Hi-Tech city in Hyderabad, there are two glass workshops. The workers do not wear masks or shoes while cutting and buffing glass. Most workers are young and perhaps unaware of the dangers of inhaling glass particles. Many deliveries in India are made on the backs of labor when investing in a dolly for moving heavy cargo costs only a fraction of the profits of retailers. Like these √≠nnocent’ violations of safety how many more are hidden behind the walls and doors of sheds and homes in India? Even large scale catastrophes can not prevent such gross violations on a small scale. It is the failure of law that allows businesses to continue such practices.