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Recently, I had the privilege of engaging with Sonam Chaudhary, PCS, Assistant Deputy Commissioner (D), SAS Nagar, Government of Punjab, as part of the Civil Services Day celebration, organised by the Office of External Relations, ISB.

What struck me most was her remarkable background – originating from a village, her dedication not only led her to this esteemed position but also marked her as the first officer from her region.

Her father’s role in her success was evident as she shared how he, as a Sarpanch, actively involved her in the workings of the village during his tenure. From attending meetings to understanding the intricacies of governance, she gained invaluable insights into the processes and systems at play. This early exposure was not merely educational; it was transformative, sowing the seeds of a lifelong commitment to public service. His mentorship molded her not only into a PCS officer but also into a beacon of hope and inspiration for her community.

During our interaction, she emphasised her approach to service, which goes beyond her official duties. She strives to assist anyone who approaches her, whether the dispute falls directly under her jurisdiction or not.

As we approached the end of the session, I was elated to have been a part of this heartwarming experience that left me inspired and grateful. Her journey defines how dedicated support and unwavering determination can help break barriers, making the seemingly impossible, possible.

In the run-up to the Civil Services Day on April 21, the Office of External Relations organised a series of interactive lunch meetings where civil servants shared their journey and accomplishments with the ISB community.

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