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A weeklong celebration to mark the Civil Services Day (April 21) provided the ISB staff, faculty, and alums, from both the campuses, with an opportunity to engage with civil servants and learn about their journeys. In one such engagement, I got the chance to interact with Dr Jyoti Yadav, IPS, Superintendent of Police (SP) – Investigation, SAS Nagar. 

We were a group of 10 members from the ISB community. Our curious heads were brimming with questions. As we began with the conversation, we discovered that Dr Jyoti was equally enthusiastic to share her journey and provide us with all the insights. 

From talking about her role to discussing her aspirations, we garnered insights into how a qualified dentist transitioned her path and became an IPS officer. It was her zeal to serve the larger society and people from all walks of life.

As we progressed with the conversation, she narrated anecdotes from her journey which made us envisage the consistent efforts and forethought that go into ensuring community safety. While the world outside is glorified by the power that this position holds, we as common people often fail to comprehend the challenges that come along. She explained how, over the years, she has gained an understanding of maneuvering obstacles and became more resilient and resolute. 

On being asked if women tend to be more emotional than men and whether that affects how female police officers perform at work, she highlighted that women officers, now, are headstrong yet emphatic. The dedication and perseverance that they bring to the table add more effectiveness to the system, she said.

As we approached the end of the meeting, she shared how she balanced her professional and personal life. Married to Harjot Singh Bains, Punjab’s Education Minister, she expressed her delight for all the support she receives from her family. 

By the end of the talk, I was charmed by the humility she embraces and immense amount of pride and gratification that she imbibes for her role.

It was indeed an invaluable experience, organised by the Office of External Relations, ISB, that helped us get acquainted with some intriguing aspects about the role of an IPS and other police officers, and, to recognise their contributions to our nation.

In the run-up to the Civil Services Day on April 21, the Office of External Relations organised a series of interactive lunch meetings where civil servants shared their journey and accomplishments with the ISB community.

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