Panel discussion on Sales Incentives: Best Practices for Improving Business Results

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Panelists: Prof. Raghuram Bommaraju, Senior Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business [Moderator], Ms. Aarti Chandra, Associate Director, India Total Reward Leads, Pepsico and Mr. Varun Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Atmax Technologies Date: July 24, 2020 Compiled by: Minal Agarwal, Manager, ISB-Centre for Business Markets Sales incentives are the crucial drivers in improving the performance of [...]

Business Storytelling for Establishing Trust

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Masterclass By Phil Zerrillo, Deputy Dean and Practice Professor of Marketing Strategy, Indian School of Business; D.V.R. Seshadri, Clinical Professor of Business in the Marketing Area & Director ISB-CBM, Indian School of Business; and Rajesh Pandit, Management Consultant Date: July 10, 2020 Compiled by: Minal Agarwal, Manager ISB-CBM and Astha Sharma, Senior Manager, ISB-CBM Stories [...]

What is anti-dumping duty?

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This blog seeks to decode what is meant by dumping, what is anti-dumping duty and why it is important for business managers to understand these terms. In economics, dumping is when manufacturers export a product to another country at a price below the fair market price, which can hurt the local manufacturers in the importing [...]

B2B2C: The Collision of B2B and B2C Markets and the Implication for Marketers

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Fireside Chat By Professor Prakash Bagri, Associate Dean - Corporate Engagement, Indian School of Business, Professor Ashish Sinha, Professor of Marketing at UTS Business School and Senior Research Fellow at Indian School of Business, Mr. Rahul Kohli, Advisor Higher Education, and Mr. Santosh Nema, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, a B2B e-commerce site [...]

5 skills that can get you a secured job

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Written by Astha Sharma, Senior Manager, ISB-Centre for Business Markets Inspired by “5 skills experts say workers should master right now” by Abigail Hess, Published in CNBC Make It on June 9, 2020 The Covid-19 crisis did not only introduce the world to "lockdown." It brought the economies of economically powerful countries to a standstill. [...]

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