Perspectives from ISB

Tomorrow, as I (finally!) start my Post Graduate Program in Management at the Indian School of Business, I am both excited (and a little nervous!) to go back to school and start what has been called “a year of transformation”.

As I start this journey, will try to keep in mind the four takeaways from our first alumni meet with Ankur Warikoo:

* This upcoming year is an opportunity engine for a lifetime, so to be present in every moment

* Quality over quantity for unselfish networking

* Practical ways to navigate our own mind traps

* Keeping an attitude of being open and exploring as much as possible

I’m grateful to my family, friends and well-wishers for their constant support in the journey to reaching here.Super excited to be a part of and learn from such a diverse and talented cohort. Looking forward to sharing my learnings with all of you on this platform!

Author: Ruchira Singh, PGP Class of 2023