Perspectives from ISB

A good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer also understands business.

While practising as a business and white-collar crimes lawyer in India, Ayushi decided to pursue the EMBA she had been considering for years. As part of her profile, Ayushi was working extensively with the board and the CXOs offices of both public and private companies, India and abroad. She wanted to gain a better understanding of business strategy to counsel and provide the best legal advice to her clients.

“I come from a multi-generational business family, and we always saw lawyers as outsiders to the business. However, as part of my profile, not only do I intend to be a more valuable contributor, but it is also a requirement to counsel the clients pro-actively in navigating business risks in line with continuing evolving regulatory landscape. Thus, it became critical to understand the nuances – clients need effective legal advice which is informed by an understanding of business.”

An EMBA requires exceptional commitment and time, and continuous management of resources and family. For the same, Ayushi wanted to invest herself in a course that was internationally recognized, rigorous, well-respected and suited to her asks.

“ISB’s collaborations with several business schools across the world, and the hybrid nature of the program, allows us to truly have the best-in-class faculty. They teach and bring out the most diverse perspectives from the cohort. The class discussions have opened me to analyse issues and think in more practical measures, which is beyond my myopic view of the world. I am learning the relevance of not only identifying risk but to analyse and quantify risk in order to recommend and make best business decisions.”

ISB’s continuous efforts towards helping students to network with other cohorts, alumni and also, other programs, is helping Ayushi build a credible community of professionals.

“I came to the school with the objective of just learning about business, but ISB is stretching the horizon to a wider range of opportunities. This is certainly an investment in our future”.

-Ayushi Jaiswal, PGPpro Co’22
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