Perspectives from ISB


There came a time when I wondered what next. I wanted to grow as a manager and build more substance within. That’s when I enrolled for PGPMAX. That ISB is a research-based institute and was founded by India’s veteran industrialists were influencing factors.

Professional Evolution Post PGPMAX  

Bringing my learnings to good use, I designed campaigns that changed the fortunes of Zee News in terms of its market share while being a part of the team that delivered double-digit growth year on year.

I learnt how to evaluate things, how to assess the pattern of making decisions based on information by asking the right questions. Your decisions impact the organisation and you make an impression on the organisation. That’s what helped me grow.


The illustrious professors of ISB bring phenomenal experience with them. The programme broadened my horizon so wide I could look at all dimensions of a business. I developed a good idea from finance to marketing to strategy, which is rare because no matter how successful you are, you may not have enough idea of the stream you are not a part of.


Return on investment (ROI) of PGPMAX is for a lifetime. I am a career switch candidate and ISB became a milestone for me. For some PGPMAX may be an additional learning experience, but for me it was a foundational change and is a pillar of my life. It was a change that helped me decide what to do next.  What gave confidence to Reliance to hire me was that I came with that little extra and that I had gone places.

PGPMAX – an Equaliser of Sorts

Once you join PGPMAX, it takes a while to adjust. You may be great shakes in your career and might have done it all in life, but ISB brings everyone on to the same pedestal. It’s no ordinary classroom. It’s a phenomenal learning experience and confronts you with who you are, and that’s what inspires you to learn.

The PGPMX Challenge

The very first module on decision making jolted me. Suddenly thrust into business forecasting and six sigma, I felt like a fish out of water. I was not from business; I was a storyteller; I was a writer. But if you must learn, you must go through the hardships and the feelings of vulnerability. That’s when you try harder, learn new things and find your feet again. You may have done remarkable things in your life, but you may not be aware that others come with greater accomplishments and successes. Your classmates will surprise you by their expertise in their respective fields and it rubs on you, and you develop a respect for them.

PGPMAX Lessons

There are a host of lessons to pick up on the campus. One lesson learnt was that things happen. Second is that there is no replacement to learning. You make a house brick by brick.

PGPMAX Influence on My leadership Style

Leadership is not always playing on the front foot. Sometimes you have to take a step back. Leadership is about developing a vision and having a belief in your team. Leaders can see what others cannot and they know that you cannot do everything alone.

What I learnt from PGPMAX was how to manage my leadership style. It helped me discover my leadership qualities and what more I needed to develop as an effective leader.

The ISB Alumni Virtues

The alumni fraternity brings the virtues of co-operation and togetherness. I feel I am a part of a collective knowledge base. Reaching out to people is easy. The camaraderie you develop with people you wouldn’t otherwise would have is a reward to cherish throughout life. People open up with each other and shed their inhibitions and learn from each other. CEOs and owners of businesses become friends for life.

Even during the Corona times, we, from unique backgrounds come on a zoom call, and discuss a wide range of subjects such as career switch, action on the job front, about our children, etc.

My Professional Journey

I am a news media professional of 20 years. I accomplished my journalism course at the reputed Indian Institute of Mass Communication and began my professional career with CNBC India (now CNBC 18) in 2000. Thereafter, I joined Star News in 2002 and was offered to do anchoring. In 2007, I moved to NDTV and became the Associate Editor at NDTV India. I did plenty of meaningful work, including prime-time shows. After ISB, I joined the Corporate Communication team of Mrs and Mr Ambani at Reliance Industries and designed communication strategies for Reliance Foundation Hospital. Six months later, I joined The Statesman. In 2016, I moved to Zee media and rose to become VP Marketing. Since 2019, as Head of Marketing at ABP News, I take decisions on product and publicity and am involved in show designs, marketing the shows etc. and designing and executing campaigns.

I have gone through the whole curve of news channels. News media was tough but rewarding in terms of learning and satisfaction.

On the Personal Side

I am a people’s person and derive energy by having people around me. People and family keep me going. It gives me the confidence of having a purpose in life. I am driven by noble assignments—assignments that have an impact, that make people smile or make a difference in their lives.

Advice to the Current PGPMAX Cohort

Be focused, pick up one thing and start working on it. Make relationships with professors and peers. Make personal notes on your reflections on how the knowledge will help you. An ISB certificate under your belt is not enough to change your life. You must convince the world about the learning you have acquired.

Advice to the Aspirants

Choose a world-class institution and don’t be driven by immediate results. It’s a long-term game. PGPMAX will help you steer through the challenges of work and life. It’s a worthwhile investment, so take a calculated risk. Learning is a life-time reward. It is something that adds to your overall being.

– Mehraj Dube, PGPMAX Class of 2013, Head of Marketing – ABP News