Perspectives from ISB

Let’s admit it. School search and admissions process is a daunting task. The application process is cumbersome, complicated and detailed. Every website has a new perspective, new information, dos and donts 

It is easy to feel lost and not know what to do.  

So, the question is … how do you effectively manage the application and admissions process? 

It’s simplefollow the right source. 

Always lookout for the info-sessions by the School you are interested in or the ones in which a representative from your School of interest is participating, like a career fair. Info sessions are a great way to bridge the gap between expectations and reality. 

Hearing from the authorised school representatives helps to clear out thoughts and streamline the application process by taking out uncertainty and fear of unknowns. I got an invite for an online info-session by the Admissions team at ISB, and the invite appeared interesting and hence registered for it. It was an hour-long session with detailed questions and answers. In the session, the School’s representative spoke in detail about the constituents of the application process such as academics, GMAT, work experience, co-curricular and recommendation. He explained clearly the weightage of all these elements and how do they contribute to the overall application. If you are planning to bluff on some of these elements, you should know that the admissions committee is an expert at catching bluffs!  

He further explained about interview shortlisting and final decision. These decisions are not random and follow a structured approach. Your entire application plays a role in these shortlists. The info sessions were extremely valuable in giving me a clear picture of what to expect and how to efficiently work on my application. 

To gain further understanding, I reached out to ISB’s admissions team via a phone call and got clarity on a few specific doubts that I had regarding the process, which wasn’t available on the School’s website. 

Cool tip: Never ask questions such as what is the average GMAT, how many essays do you require, is the recommendation mandatory etc. Such information is always available on the School’s website. 

Understanding the process followed by any Business School is of utmost importance as the admission committee is better off reading an application that follows a standard structure than one that doesn’tI noted down some crucial parts that helped me to organise my application. Insights on essays were tremendously helpful as they helped me to remove unwanted clutter from the essays. 

The application process was smooth. It’s a robust and time-tested process that does not fail. If you do happen to get stuck somewhere, the team is quick to respond and resolve your concern. 

Fortunately, like my application process, my selection was done smoothly too. I began in the Class of 2020 on April 5, but my journey at ISB started from the info session I attended. 

Once at ISB, things didn’t move fast here; they moved at the speed of light! I am just two months old here and 1.5 terms have already passed. The journey is demanding, testing and, of course, fulfilling 

The essence of this fast-paced programme is not to intimidate you. Rather, it’s to inculcate a habit of prioritising. Since you cannot do everything in practically at once, you learn how to prioritise, how to plan and how to work in a team. You have a plethora of activities, clubs, groups and everything that you can think of to take a break, relax and rejuvenate yourself. All you need to do is balance all your options in a way that maximises your output and takes you closer to your goal! (Oops! that was a typical MBA jargon … but can’t help … it’s crucial learning too!) 

To conclude, I’ll say that follow the School’s word for the admissions process. It will remove unnecessary stress and rework from your application process 

All the best for your application process! 

– Shashank Sharma, PGP Class of 2020