Perspectives from ISB

While in the Navy, I gained diverse leadership experience, of both uniformed and civilian teams, in operational and technical tasks. On the verge of my transition, I was curious if, and how, these would translate into the corporate sector. Along with this, I wanted a foundation in Business concepts across Strategy, Finance, Branding and Marketing, which I had not been exposed to earlier, but would need in senior leadership roles going forward. I am delighted that the Indian School of Business (ISB) provided me with all the necessary attributes and more via its Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP).

From being elected President of and by the largest PGP Class, till date, to spending late nights with the much younger, but incredibly talented, cohort chasing goals in academics and sports; to balancing the hectic campus life with spending time with my family that lived outside the campus – that one year gave me the grounding and time management skills that I did not even know I needed. I was then selected into one of the most coveted B-School placement avenues – the Amazon Pathways programme, and I received the Global Student leadership award by the top 70 B-Schools. These were the things dreams were made of for me.

About 18 months after my graduation, I look back with a smile at the astute of the multiple decisions made and the learnings that ISB and its faculty and my terrific classmates have provided me with. It is these learnings that have helped me work in regions across the Middle East and North Africa in an entirely new domain of Customer Experience improvement while integrating with Amazon post the acquisition.

As a proud retired veteran, my heartfelt greetings to all the Men and Women in White who continue to sail the blue waters to ensure that the nation can sleep in peace. A privilege to have been in such a magnificent team for two decades.

Fair winds, smooth waves and ‘Sha-no Varuna’!

Retd Cdr Shyam Nambier, Class of 2017, Senior Program Manager, Amazon