Perspectives from ISB

The latest Trend ,being followed is to recruit Outside Directors to run the family businesses, this tactic helps in freeing the business from emotional decisions, the director brings upon his unbiased approach and hence,stability.Read more about this in the link below..
Using outside directors in your family business
The following blog is about the famous clothing brand “Nalli”, it shows the old custom roots that the brand has and the impact the brand has when the newer generation kin Lavanya Nalli,joins the family business after her MBA from Harvard University.To read more, click the link below
What Harvard, McKinsey taught Lavanya Nalli: Being planned, relying on hypothesis 
There are four primary Business types, that we observe in the family businesses , the following blog gives an insight on how they function and the eading example of each type..
Four Types Of Family Businesses You’ll See In Asia And How To Govern Each Effectively
The inspiring story tale of the Birla’s , the best example of a successful Family business. Read more about it here
The business of family: Building with the Birlas