Perspectives from ISB

It seems like it was yesterday when I walked in,
Through these hallowed gates, with hopes and dreams.
A new chapter of my life was about to begin
And the road ahead looked inviting, glistening in the sunbeams

It seems like it was yesterday when I met my quad-mates –
Divergent paths united by the blind hands of chance.
Maybe it was the banter we shared over the food we ate,
That brought us together in harmonious balance.

It seems like it was yesterday that my study group was assigned –
A team of five assembled to scale the perilous peaks of assignments.
We went through days bright and nights sleepless and unkind
And bonded over unshared history and shared moments.

It seems like it was yesterday, that classes had just begun,
With professors of repute sharing insights old and new.
The claw of academic rigour gnawed at tree of mirth and fun
But in the end, we persevered through it albeit with scars few.

It seems like it was yesterday, that placement season was here,
Ushering in a sense of fear and awakening an unnerving inner voice.
After a month of effort and a stroke of luck, I had reasons to cheer
For I successfully navigated through this maze of chance and choice.

It was yesterday that I paused and looked back without haste
At the milestones that I have crossed and the people that I have met.
Life at ISB has been a race against time and competition with the best
But the memories made will forever be etched in stone and set.

Aniruddha Dey, Class of 2018