Perspectives from ISB

When I landed at ISB on April 15 , 2017, I had no idea how I would spend my time while my husband attended classes or stayed busy in his assignments. But now, ISB has become my second home. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about living here alone, with strangers all around. Little did I know that these strangers would turn out to be some of the sweetest and closest people in my life. I have forged some really strong relationships here and the whole ISB community has been nothing short of family. The fun part about this place is that there is so much to do here. There are many facilities available for everyone to indulge in numerous activities, be it sports or music.  The SLC and SFA have been organizing a lot of events that keep the students and spouses enjoying to their fullest! The spouses also meet up every now and then and conduct potlucks or parties which are super fun! Overall, I love being a part of ISB and I would definitely miss this place after April, 2018.

-Jagruti Mohapatra
Spouse, SFA newsletter editor