Perspectives from ISB

The Indian School of Business takes pride in its strength based holistic approach of application evaluation.  We encourage applicants to focus on their strengths and achievements, rather than weaknesses and failures and provide support with clear examples in the essays, recommendations, awards, achievements and other relevant places in the application. The holistic evaluation is segmented into 3 areas

1 Leadership Potential

In this section the applicant’s leadership abilities are gauged based on the impact they have made at work, the career progression, extra-curricular activities, societal involvement etc. The inputs from recommended adds a significant dimension is assessing the candidate’s potential.

You could talk about the initiatives you have taken, the creative approach to problems, the things you’ve done to improved inefficiencies, your team work abilities etc

2 Academic Prowess

Good academic performance is a fair indicator of the aspirant’s ability to cope with the rigorous One- year PGP. Here ther 12th grade scores, UG/PG grades and the GMAT/ GRE score is evaluated. Though there cut-offs for academics or test scores, the current class has  GMAT scores in the range of 600-780 and GRE in the range of 303 to 335.

You can compensate a low UG and 12th grades with a strong GMAT/ GRE score and vice-versa.

3 Personal Attributes

There is no check list for personal attributes but in general communication abilities, clarity of goals and thought / purpose, extra-curricular activities, involvement in activities besides work etc is evaluated. The admissions team values impactful engagements more than the quantity of engagements.

So mention the extra-curricular and initiatives that you had added value to rather than listing insignificant ones.


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