Perspectives from ISB

Prior to joining PGPpro at ISB, I have had experience in various startups and big companies in Technical Program/Product and People Management roles where I successfully ran complex high-impact cross-functional programs end to end. In that process, I worked with different functions: Technology, Marketing, Strategy, Finance and other business verticals to achieve common enterprise goals.

Working in a cross functional roles had given me a birds-eye view of different team structure and the dynamics. But for me to grow further in my career, I realised  needed to get deeper  and a holistic understanding of business administration to contribute and engage more effectively. Additionally, I was looking to enhance my leadership skills to take more senior impactful roles in the organization. With this in mind, I joined ISB PGPpro programme.

The experience at ISB so far has been great. The core courses on Strategy, Marketing and Management Accounting etc while strengthening the fundamentals have also let me relate to my previous work experience. It  has also given me deeper understanding of global businesses.  The interactions with the Pgppro professors,who work on research projects and teach in other global B-schools has been very insightful -be it latest industry research findings that is brought to the class, or just the perspective of how businesses around the world function.

Like they say learning at ISB happens both inside and outside the classroom. Studying with a diverse peer group is an experience by itself. Our class consists of diverse cohort of IT professionals, bankers, entrepreneurs, doctors, navy professionals, NGO workers etc.  The diverse industry viewpoints and thought process, during group studies and class participation, help you appreciate and understand the multi- dimensional approach to the same problem.

One of the greatest takeaways from PGPpro is that one gets to implement business best practices and insights we learn in the class, at the workplace immediately and expect a positive impact in near future.

The course is ideal for people who are looking to hone their leadership skills and excel at their workplace or who are already running their own business and do not want take a break from their work commitments.

Here are a few suggestions for  people who are planning to enrol for this course:

  1. Be ready for the academic rigor: Though the classes happen on alternate weekends, the programme is equivalent to the full time programme in rigour. There will be numerous case studies, assignments and classes that we have to cover in a given time frame. You have to maintain a good balance between your work and studies.

  2. Be focused on post MBA goals. ISB ecosystem will provide you lots of opportunities to network. Ultimately, it’s you who has to use the ISB platform to the fullest to achieve your goals.

As they say, no transformational experience can come without hard work and focus. So, be ready for the amazing ride ahead! All the very best.

Sumit Gogia, PGPpro Class of 2018