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Here are some more commonly asked questions.
This should help you gain more clarity on your application to ISB.

1.       Is GMAT given more preference over GRE?

No. There is no preference given to one over the other. Both the exams would be weighted equally in your profile evaluation.

2.       What are the cut-offs for GRE and GMAT?

There are no cut-offs for either of the tests. The scores along with your essays and recommendations add weight to your application. However, we had applicants apply to us with a GMAT range of 600 to 780, and a GRE range of 303 to 334, in the past.

3.       Till when should the scores be valid? If your scores expire before the interview date is that ok?

Your scores need to be valid till your enrollment into the class. i.e. April 15, 2017 if you are applying to the Class of 2018. The application deadline, however, is January 15, 2017

4.       What are the career opportunities post the PGP programme?

Last year, a total of 1151 offers were made by 297 companies which participated in the placements process.

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5.       How do I submit the GRE scores as the test centre doesn’t give you the same?

Applicants giving their GRE on January 15, 2017, can submit the GRE scores provided at the test centre. Percentiles, if not available can be entered as 100.

Applicants who have not received their official GRE score report yet, can upload their GRE appointment letter under “Upload Documents” section. But ensure that you request your official score reports to be sent to ISB.

6.       What is the School code for GRE / GMAT

The school code for GRE is 7892, and for GMAT is N2D-J5-01

7.       Can I pick the campus I want to go to?

You may state your preference in your application, but the admissions team allocates the campus to maintain similar class cohorts to enhance peer learning.

8.       Will my chances of admissions or placements get affected by the campus I choose?

No. ISB follows a unified admissions and placement process for Class. The process is common for all and has no bearing on which campus you study or prefer.

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