Perspectives from ISB

The crack of light reveals he is afraid, trembling in fear,
What happens to the dreams he held so very near?
This is his only chance and he damn well knows it,
What if he goes out there and blows it?

You can always give up, give in; the little voice said,
trying somehow to assuage his dread.
One can always blame the whole thing on luck,
yeah that would be an easy escape, the fastest way to duck.

Haha, he got a cruel laugh,
when did you turn into a quitter, he asked; you may as well life your epitaph.
For what is a life if you don’t live your dreams,
Ha, am not going to let this slip away, he finally screams.

For what of the dreams he cherished so long,
For what of the hard work he put all along,
For what of the determination with which he stuck through,
For what of his soul to which he was always true?

As time will knock you down, he realized,
and life may be essentially cruel, he finally summarized,
for it’s our actions and not something as abstract as fate,
For which will one day make us realize, ‘Oh boy! It was never too late!’

– Mayank Sharma, PGP Co2017