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Dr Sunil Reddy Bodanapu, ISB AMPH Co’ 17 alumnae, shares insights into his journey in the medical field and how he is translating his vision of revolutionising healthcare through his venture.

Dr Sunil Reddy’s journey into medicine was driven by the nobility of the profession and the respect it commands. His internship and early clinical experiences, were marked by witnessing preventable losses and prolonged illnesses due to inadequate healthcare infrastructure, profoundly shaped his lifelong mission.

 “I observed preventable loss of life and prolonged illness due to lack of timely intervention, consistency in care, infrastructure, and healthcare professionals,” Dr Sunil recalls. These challenges motivated him to address critical gaps in India’s healthcare system.

To tackle these issues, Dr Sunil founded Nushift Technologies, aiming to build a robust digital health infrastructure. This interconnected network integrates doctors, paramedical staff, hospitals, healthcare enterprises, and patients, fostering a cohesive and multi-dimensional healthcare structure.

“This digital infrastructure supports proactive healthcare, better diagnosis, information sharing, and faster medical support, breaking down traditional barriers caused by stakeholder interoperability issues,” Dr Sunil explains.

His diverse roles as an emergency medical officer, primary care physician, and healthcare administrator provided him with deep insights into healthcare delivery and operations. “This blend of expertise enabled me to envision a healthcare landscape driven by proactive care and digital transformation,” he adds.

Dr Sunil emphasises the transformative potential of technology in healthcare, aiming to improve access to timely care and reduce costs. His mission is to create a more connected and integrated healthcare ecosystem.

At Nushift Technologies, Dr Sunil leads initiatives to enhance connectivity, accessibility, and inclusivity in healthcare through innovative platforms and tools. His time at the Indian School of Business (ISB) was pivotal, where he valued peer-to-peer learning and the collaborative approach of professors.

Dr Sunil Reddy’s journey exemplifies a commitment to revolutionising healthcare with a combination of medical expertise, business acumen, and technological innovation.

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