Policy Workshop on Understanding Governance

By | April 22, 2014|Executive, Institution, Judiciary, Legislature, Policymaking, Public Policy|

The Bharti Institute and the office of Shri Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda, Member of Parliament (MP), Kendrapara (Odisha), jointly organized a Policy Workshop in association with Young Indians (Yi), Chandigarh Chapter on February 15, 2014 at ISB's Mohali campus. The workshop aimed to provide a platform for youngsters to develop an understanding of important policy issues, the role of [...]

Why India needs a PBO

By | April 16, 2014|Budget, Economic policy, Public Policy|

By Kaushiki Sanyal, Senior Analyst, Bharti Institute of Public Policy, ISB This article was first published in Financial Express on April 11, 2014. The requirement for legislative approval of financial measures is a democratic instrument enshrined in the Indian Constitution. This allows the legislature to keep a check on the government’s spending of public resources. [...]

Enhancing stakeholder participation in the policy-making process

By | April 4, 2014|Law, Public Policy, Regulations|

By Kaushiki Sanyal, Senior Analyst, Bharti Institute of Public Policy, ISB This article was first published in Responsible Business India on April 4, 2013 Given the diversity of our country, how can we ensure that citizens have a say in the laws and policies that are made on their behalf? All citizens need to be [...]

It’s The Incentives, Stupid!

By | March 26, 2014|Economic policy, Law, Public Policy, Regulations|

By Mandar Kagade, Analyst, Bharti Institute of Public Policy, ISB This article was first published in Moneycontrol.com on March 25, 2014 In a recently held Board meeting, the Securities & Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”) has decided to amend the Listing Agreement and disallow public listed companies from remunerating their Independent Directors using stock options. This move [...]

Wind energy auctions in India

By | January 13, 2014|Energy, Public Policy, Regulations|

By Prof. Gireesh Shrimali, Energy Economics and Business, Monterey Institute of International Studies; and a Fellow at Climate Policy Initiative’s CPI-ISB Energy and Environment Program at ISB Auctions for wind energy have the potential to bring down the costs of wind energy in India. However, these auctions have not happened due to opposition from wind developers. [...]

A parliamentary budget office for India

By | November 20, 2013|Budget, Institution, Law, Political|

By Kaushiki Sanyal, Senior Analyst, Bharti Institute of Public Policy and Sruti Bandopadhyay, Independent Researcher based in Washington D.C. This article was first published in the Mint on November 20, 2013 At a time when India is going through an economic slow down, it seems counter-intuitive to enact legislation such as the National Food Security [...]

Let the public participate

By | November 5, 2013|Law, Public Policy, Regulations|

Given the failure of many government legislations in achieving the objectives for which they were formulated, a case for institutionalising deeper public consultations in the legislative process has been made in the recent past. Currently, there are four entry points where citizens can participate in the legislative process: first, the identifying stage; second, the drafting [...]

Coal block allotment: Getting the auctions right

By | October 31, 2013|Economic policy, Energy, Regulations|

By Rajesh Chakrabarti, Executive Director, Bharti Institute of Public Policy, ISB This article was first published in the Economic Times on Oct 31, 2013 The current controversy over the coal block allotment is perhaps the latest and one of the most sordid examples of inefficient allocation of national resources, but the malaise is hardly new. [...]

Good economics is good politics

By | October 30, 2013|Economic policy, Political|

Guest post by Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Assistant Professor, Finance, ISB and Prasanna Tantri, Associate Director, Centre for Analytical Finance, ISB This article was first published in the Times of India on Oct 30, 2013  Does good economics make for good politics? Historically, in India, good economics hasn't been considered good politics. However, recent experiences in Gujarat, [...]

The Green Channel to Global Growth

By | October 28, 2013|Economic policy, Energy|

By Rajesh Chakrabarti, Executive Director, The Bharti Institute of Public Policy Hello and welcome to the Bharti Institute’s blogspace! Special thanks to my colleagues at the Bharti Institute of Public Policy led by Dr. Kaushiki Sanyal and the ISB communications team for making this blog a reality. Mark this site for regular updates on policy [...]

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