Wind energy auctions in India

By | January 13, 2014|Energy, Public Policy, Regulations|

By Prof. Gireesh Shrimali, Energy Economics and Business, Monterey Institute of International Studies; and a Fellow at Climate Policy Initiative’s CPI-ISB Energy and Environment Program at ISB Auctions for wind energy have the potential to bring down the costs of wind energy in India. However, these auctions have not happened due to opposition from wind developers. [...]

Coal block allotment: Getting the auctions right

By | October 31, 2013|Economic policy, Energy, Regulations|

By Rajesh Chakrabarti, Executive Director, Bharti Institute of Public Policy, ISB This article was first published in the Economic Times on Oct 31, 2013 The current controversy over the coal block allotment is perhaps the latest and one of the most sordid examples of inefficient allocation of national resources, but the malaise is hardly new. [...]

The Green Channel to Global Growth

By | October 28, 2013|Economic policy, Energy|

By Rajesh Chakrabarti, Executive Director, The Bharti Institute of Public Policy Hello and welcome to the Bharti Institute’s blogspace! Special thanks to my colleagues at the Bharti Institute of Public Policy led by Dr. Kaushiki Sanyal and the ISB communications team for making this blog a reality. Mark this site for regular updates on policy [...]

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