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On Monday, C. Mondavi & Family announced that the next generation of the Mondavi family is officially increasing its involvement in the family’s business. This increased involvement focuses on the CK Mondavi and Family brand with the inclusion of this fourth generation as shareholders in the family owned company.

In June 2017 it added members of this next generation to the company’s board of directors. At the same time the Mondavis created a family council, where third and fourth generation Mondavi family members meet on a regular basis to discuss planning and strategy for the company. The members of this fourth generation were also recently appointed official brand ambassadors and are responsible for promoting the brand and representing their family as needed.

“With the passing of our father, Peter Mondavi, Sr., in 2016, my brother and I had the opportunity to re-visit the structure of our business,” said Marc Mondavi, co-proprietor of C. Mondavi & Family. “We are thrilled that our children overwhelmingly support continuing this legacy and have decided to be more involved in the business.”

The announcement calls this fourth generation of Mondavis the “G4” and stresses it is far from a homogeneous group. Fourth generation family members include Marc and Janice’s four daughters: Angelina, Alycia, Riana and Giovanna; and Peter and Katie’s two offspring: Lucio and Lia.

“Each member of the ‘G4’ brings their own approach and expertise to the business, creating a diverse background within the overall umbrella company of C. Mondavi & Family,” the announcement said. “Their daily contributions to the CK Mondavi and Family brand includes serving as brand ambassadors and providing guidance on the direction of the winery that has remained family owned for almost 75 years.”

In addition to those ambassadorial responsibilities, G4 members Angelina and Lucio have been made members of the C. Mondavi & Family board of directors, while Riana has become Director of National Accounts, On Premise, according to the press release.

The founders of C. Mondavi & Family, Cesare and Rosa Mondavi, moved to the Napa Valley and purchased the winery in 1943 and the CK Mondavi and Family brand was created a few years later with their sons Robert and Peter.

Source: Stockwell, Tom, March 18, 2018;

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