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It was in 1949 when Elgar Burgeson decided that it was time to start his own company. He then put his mastery to work. That was when his daughter, Dianne Burgeson, president and CEO of the company, was three years old. Dianne has now been in the business for 51 years and is dedicated to keeping the business in the family. Burgeson’s celebrated its 69th year on Jan. 2, 2017.

Elgar began working in the sheet metal industry when Dianne was very young. When the family chose to move to California, Elgar took a job working for a company that specialized in this area, but later realized that it was not the place for him.

“He just wanted to start his own business,” Dianne expressed. “He wanted his business to be held in high regard of ethics and taking care of customers,” something, she mentioned, continues to this day.

The business has been successful in staying a part of the family – with three generations currently employed at Burgeson’s, and a fourth coming in.

“We have a great-grandchild who was working after school and summers with us but is now going to business school, with plans of getting a business degree and returning to Burgeson’s to keep the tradition going,” Dianne commented.

She went on to say that the company, and its employees, is still committed to carrying out her father’s vision for Burgeson’s. She said that they do this in order to further her father’s integrity and respect for the industry.

According to Dianne, having new generations come into the business has taken it to the next level. It now gives back to the community in sponsorships and donations to local organizations, sports and optimists.

In terms of its services, Kevin Burgeson, who is co-owner, corporate board secretary and comfort advisor, said the business has stayed true to the services that were offered when Elgar started the company.

“Although we continue to do the same, we have added more in-depth products that are more sophisticated and more energy efficient,” Kevin noted.

“The ultimate goal is to keep the Burgeson’s family tradition going and continue taking care of our clients,” Dianne concluded.

Source: Garcia, Andrea., January 18, 2018;

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