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Bouygues S.A., an industrial group headquartered in Paris, was founded in 1952 by Francis Bouygues and since 1989 has been led by his son Martin Bouygues. In 2015 it had over approximately 120,000 employees in 100 countries, generating €32.428 billion in revenue. The group specializes in construction (Colas and Bouygues Construction), real estate development (Bouygues Immobilier), media (TF1 Group), and telecommunications (Bouygues Telecom).

Martin Bouygues, has recently laid the groundwork for his succession after appointing his son and nephew to the board. Edward Bouygues, 32, is the eldest son of chairman and CEO Martin Bouygues. Cyril Bouygues, 30, is the son of Martin’s brother Olivier Bouygues. Martin Bouygues, 63, and Olivier Bouygues, 65, control 20% of Bouygues and 28% of the voting rights through SCDM.

Edward, who is head of marketing in charge of services, content and design at Bouygues Telecom will represent SCDM, the family holding company, on the board. Cyril is the head of an SCDM-operated oil exploration business.

Source: CampdenFB


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