Perspectives from ISB

A survey was recently conducted by Morgan Stanley and Campden Wealth, among ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals in North America with a family net worth in excess of $35 million, to understand the attitudes and behaviors concerning investment decision-making. The majority of families in this study (51%) had total net worth, excluding operating businesses, between $251 million and $1 billion. Half of the respondents were also in the second generation. 56% of respondents retained a majority share in the family’s operating company.

The study found growing formalization, along with evidence of growing democratization of investment related decision-making. The study also found that advisors have the single biggest influence on family decision making. Contrary to popular belief, the study found that 44% of UHNW families thought that wealth related decision-making had a positive effect on family relationships. Although the respondents were pessimistic on the economic and market outlook over the next year, yet the surveyed families their own portfolios would outperform the market.

Source: CampdenFB


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