Perspectives from ISB

As per a recent survey among CampdenFB readers, the following banks did the best job of providing finance and service to family businesses.

  1. UBS: Swiss giant planted firmly at the intersection of family wealth and business
  2. JP Morgan: US blue chip broadening advice in Asia
  3. HSBC: New initiatives in family enterprise backed by 70 years of experience
  4. Citibank: Global footprint can open doors for cross-border family businesses
  5. Deutsche Bank: Strong local presence gives it the edge engaging the Mittelstand
  6. Pictel & Cie: A family bank that understands family business
  7. Standard Chartered: Business banking with an emerging markets focus
  8. Societe Generale Private Banking: Entrepreneurial roots adds expertise in understanding business families
  9. Royal Bank of Canada: Stable stewardship helping this Canadian challenger
  10. BNY Mellon: More than two hundred years of experience guiding family wealth

Source: CampdenFB (Top%2010%20banks%20for%20family%20businesses%20in%202016%20_%20Campden%20FB.html)


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