A parliamentary budget office for India

By | November 20, 2013|Budget, Institution, Law, Political|

By Kaushiki Sanyal, Senior Analyst, Bharti Institute of Public Policy and Sruti Bandopadhyay, Independent Researcher based in Washington D.C. This article was first published in the Mint on November 20, 2013 At a time when India is going through an economic slow down, it seems counter-intuitive to enact legislation such as the National Food Security [...]

Let the public participate

By | November 5, 2013|Law, Public Policy, Regulations|

Given the failure of many government legislations in achieving the objectives for which they were formulated, a case for institutionalising deeper public consultations in the legislative process has been made in the recent past. Currently, there are four entry points where citizens can participate in the legislative process: first, the identifying stage; second, the drafting [...]

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