Comments on the Revised Draft Indian Financial Code

By | August 10, 2015|Financial Policy, Public Policy, Regulations|

The Ministry of Finance had recently  released the Revised Draft Indian Financial  Code ("Code") for  public comments. Mandar Kagade, Analyst at  the Bharti Institute of Public Policy submitted his comments on some of the salient proposals of the Code  with suggestions for reform. Please the submissions here. DISCLAIMER : Any comments, speeches, articles, blogs, podcasts, videos/vlogs, [...]

The Indian Financial Code Draft II: Catalyzing “Too Big to Fail” In India?

By | August 4, 2015|Financial Policy, Law|

By Mandar Kagade, Analyst, Bharti Institute of Public Policy The Indian Financial Code has proposed to constitute the Financial Stability & Development Council (“FSDC”) pursuant to Chapter 76 of the Code with the objective of fostering the stability and resilience of the financial system by identifying and monitoring systemic risk and taking all required action to eliminate [...]

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