Fair winds, smooth waves and Sha-no Varuna!

While in the Navy, I gained diverse leadership experience, of both uniformed and civilian teams, in operational and technical tasks. On the verge of my transition, I was curious if, and how, these would translate into the corporate sector. Along with this, I wanted a foundation in Business concepts across Strategy, Finance, Branding and Marketing, [...]

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Rapid Adoption of Blockchain Could Transform Emerging Economies into Financial Juggernauts – A Perspective

A blockchain disruption is awaiting to unfold. While blockchain’s adoption would enforce transparency, security, regulatory compliance, robustness, non-repudiation, high availability, auditability & governance, its application would curtail Non-Performing Asset (NPA), impending frauds and political interference. Banking & Financial Services Industries (BFSI) would never be the same again with blockchain’s approach to inclusivity and quality, reducing [...]

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